Van der Ende Academy

Are you a man of steel and do you want to work for one of the largest metal consoles in the Netherlands, which carries out work throughout all of the Netherlands? Sign up now for the Van der Ende Steel Protectors Academy!

Every year in February a group of sporty and ambitious men of steel starts in the Van der Ende Academy: a unique training school. For each course, ten to fifteen potential employees with all kinds of backgrounds learn all skills in the field of steel protection in three weeks. In 2019 two learning tracks will start with room for 20 to 30 pupils. A tough, challenging and intensive program. The target? Building a team of people who are driven to the bone, strong professionals with personality.

The course starts with the theory of the course. We tell everything about equipment, materials, applications, methods and technology. Then we immediately dive into practice. Under the guidance of seasoned coaches, we will practice on test objects. In between, a lot of work is done on perseverance and team feeling. For example during a tough survival or rib trip.

What is included?

  • Safety
  • Material knowledge
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Drafting equipment
  • Pre-treatments
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Masking techniques
  • Brush skill
  • Various painting techniques
  • Perform simple repairs

What we require of you

Only the best reach the finish line
It is hard work, we ask 200% commitment, discipline and a lot of ambition. But there is something opposite:  from the first day of the training you will receive a good (weekly) salary. Do you successfully run the Van der Ende Academy? Then there is a contract waiting for you.

What we offer you

Grow towards a top salary
In the four-year period that follows, you will learn the other tricks of the trade. After completing this process, not only a super bonus, but also a new title awaits: construction painter. And a salary of at least € 3,500.00 gross per month!

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