Impressive paintwork at Amsterdam Central Station

Scaffolding is being erected at Amsterdam CS, one of the most beautiful and frequently visited central stations in the Netherlands. During the forthcoming years, this historic and unique station will undergo a significant refurbishment. Van der Ende has been chosen by ProRail for the impressive paintwork: to paint the woodwork and all steel structures in the two huge lobbies in the station.

The paintwork at Amsterdam Central Station covers a total surface of 80,000 m². A new three-layer coating system will be applied to the steel structures and all woodwork. We have also been asked to replace approximately 45,000 m² of bird nets.

In 2011 we renovated the Hollands Spoor railway station in The Hague. This was also an impressive assignment on a magnificent listed building. We are therefore also delighted about the assignment in Amsterdam. The prestigious project will commence in February 2016 and completion is anticipated in mid-2018. The total value of the assignment is € 3.4 million excluding VAT.