Steel protection
steel protection

Steel is a great building product. It is strong and can ...be applied in numerous steel objects. These often Deel dit...

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Dust free blasting

A very efficient and also environmentally friendly way to pre-treat ...surfaces is electric dust-free machine blasting. We have been Deel dit...

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Tank Linings
van der ende tankbodem

Van der Ende is specialist in applying high quality coatings in ...tanks and reservoirs, the so-called Tank linings. There Deel dit...

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Corrosion under insulation (CUI)
cui project ende

Corrosion under insulation is a big threat to the liability ...and integrity of installations and storage tanks. A very Deel dit...

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Insulating coatings
insulating coatings

Insulating coatings are increasingly popular. Compared with other, more ...traditional insulation materials like rockwool or Polyurethane Foam they have Deel dit...

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Metallisation is a technique that has been existing a long ...time. Because of changed views on corrosion prevention Deel dit...

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Polyurea coating
polyurea coating

A Polyurea coating is a reaction of two chemicals (Isocyanate ...and Amine 1:1, solvent free) which after reaction result Deel dit...

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STOPAQ provides a broad range of environmentally-friendly viscose-elastic ...solutions which in particular protect underground pipes against corrosion and the Deel dit...

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fireproofing pomp

The strength of steel Steel is an exceptionally strong, versatile ...and commonly used construction material for a wide variety Deel dit...

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