Another great project in Zeeland..

  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • 11/06/2020

Another great project in Zeeland..

The 50 meter high lighthouse Westerlicht is located in Haamstede and is one of the largest lighthouses in the Netherlands. This monumental lighthouse of Rijkswaterstaat was built in 1837 and is located in a green oasis of peace and nature. A nice anecdote is that the lighthouse was used as a source of inspiration for the former 250 guilder banknote.

Our plan of action has received the highest EMVI score. This score is based on working efficiently with minimal inconvenience for this beautiful environment.

Briefly summarized the activities:

  • Chrome 6: Remediation of chrome 6-containing coatings.
  • Steelwork: The steelwork and paint system of the light house will be sustainable painted.
  • Stony surface: 1100 meters of plaster will be blasted. A new layer of plaster will then be applied.
  • Duration of work: The work will be carried out in a planned time frame of approximately 2.5 months, partly