BP safety certificate for Van der Ende

During an informal gathering with the management of BP Refinery Rotterdam B.V., Van der Ende received a certificate from Peter Dijkgraaf (Maintenance Manager) for having worked for 15 years without any accidents.

In those 15 years, some 850,000 man-hours were made and many hundreds of thousands of square metres pre-treated and provided with a new paint system. Activities that nevertheless are often of a high risk nature and where attention to safety is crucial.

Managing Director of BP Refinery Rotterdam B.V., Thys Heyns who was unable to be at the presentation of the certificate because of obligations abroad, let it be known by way of a letter, that Van der Ende has delivered an ‘outstanding performance’. A performance that certainly did not come about through luck, but through good employment practices, good safety management and high-quality work preparation.

For BP itself, this performance was reason enough to make a so-called announcement on BP’s worldwide web.

Nice words naturally, but BP itself has also delivered an important contribution to the achievement of this result. BP’s safety policy has inspired contractors like Van der Ende to continually improve the safety management system further. Moreover, they have recognized the importance of a long term relationship, which has given us the opportunity to invest in the business and the quality of people and resources.