Crime forces Van de Ende to take extreme measures

Since work was started on the Zaltbommel railway bridge, we have been plagued by break-ins, vandalism, theft and arson. There have been dozens of break-ins in the last few months. A number of small items, but also a generator, a compressor and more than 60 steel planks, have been stolen.

The project leader is regularly called out of bed because somebody has set fire to a waste container. This has led to Van der Ende having to take extreme measures to combat this form of crime. A type of fortress made from containers has been placed around the huts. Fourteen 40 ft. sea containers must ensure that undesirable visitors are kept out.

Since the wall of containers has turned out not to be sufficient, a company has been hired to carry out regular surveillance patrols. Furthermore, an alarm system has been installed which will inform the security service of any movements in and around the container fortress.