ETT2 Supplementary commission for the preservation of the inside of the tanks

While the tank roofs and walls of the 8 newly constructed tanks at Euro Tank Terminal B.V. are being worked on, the commission has been extended to the internal preservation of the tank floors. More than 30,000 square metres of area will be supplied with a special high-grade coating, which is suitable for the storage of bio-fuels, which are on the ascent these days, over a period of 3 months.

In order to be as flexible as possible as to the types of products which can be stored, more and more companies are choosing to make use of these high-grade coatings. Applying coatings such as this is the work of a specialist. Storage companies cannot afford for tanks to be taken out of service prematurely as a result of the failure of a coating.

Van der Ende preserves more than one hundred thousand square metres in storage tanks annually, making them one of the largest and most experienced specialists in the application of tank linings in Europe.