Jetty 1 Vopak Vlissingen under maintenance

In April this year Van der Ende was awarded the assignment of fully rustproofing and reapplying a 3-coat paint system to the structure and pipes of Jetty 1 at the Vopak Terminal in Vlissingen.

The jetty is remaining operational whilst the work is being carried out. Good communication with the client ensures we know on time when loading and unloading will be taking place.

During this loading and unloading, work will only be carried out in the so-called green zone that has been created. This enables us to continue working without appreciable downtime.

In order to prevent pollution, the jetty has been modified to bring it in line with screening class 2 of the Lozingenbesluit WVO (Discharge Decree under the Pollution of Surface Waters Act).

It is anticipated that we will complete the work this August.