Large decommissioning of Oosterbeek Railway Bridge

After many months of preparation and consultation with ProRail, in week 42, a large decommissioning and power supply disconnection of 124 hours was organised. This was for the purpose of treating the most complex components of the bridge and in order to dismantle scaffolding erected during previous decommissioning. With this, 180 tons of scaffolding was dismantled in 24-hour shifts by Harsco Infra Structure.

In addition, the two abutment points of the bridge were provided with scaffolding and shrink film, so that these could be blasted after which they were provided with a 3-layer coating system.

The blasting was successfully carried out by 8 grit blasters. In the shifts following this, approximately 14 painters and 8 cleaners worked day and night to get the job done.

Subcontractor Qumey Metal B.V. will simultaneously put 360 metres of new platform grates into position on the 6 bridge abutments. With these winding up activities, we have come to the completion of the project after more than two years of hard work.

Over the next three weeks we will be putting the finishing touches to it and the project will then be complete, following which the bridge will handed over to ProRail.