Meet the industry’s first automated paint robot: 10Q™

10Q™ coats storage tanks faster, safer, more reliable, with almost zero emission and more consistent quality. The 10Q™ robot, developed by Qlayers in exclusive cooperation with Van der Ende Steel Protectors Group, uses cutting-edge technology that transforms the traditional method of coating large-scale industrial surfaces into a controlled semi-automatic process.
The unique hood design prevents overspray, minimizing damage to the environment.

The 10Q™ robot has reached the final stages of development by fine-tuning the 10Q™ and surrounding processes in several full-scale field tests at renowned oil- and tank storage majors in the Port of Rotterdam.

Major benefits:

  • Faster
  • Higher quality assurance
  • Less working on heights
  • No scaffolding required
  • Increased predictability of coating degradation
  • More environmentally friendly

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