Major maintenance: 88.4 diameter super tank BP Refinery Europoort

First phase finished! Last week we completed the first part of a wonderful assignment. In 4 months’ time we provided a super tank at the ‘BP refinery Europoort’ entirely with a new conservation system. First of all, the immense tank roof with a diameter of 88.4 meters was taken care of. The roof is completely ready for the next years.
We have blasted over 8,000 m2 (grit) and added a multi-layered epoxy system on the roof. With 8 grit radiators and eventually 3 paint sprayers with supporting teams, we have worked hard to achieve this. Meanwhile, we have started with a lot of energy on the 23 meter high tank jacket and in November the bottom follows. We blast grit using innovative electric blasting machines so that we save no less than 300 tons of grit waste!