Major overhaul: EMO Bucket-wheel excavator completed on time

In August of this year, Van der Ende started on the major overhaul of the EMO bucket-wheel excavator. It was imperative that this project was completed within a reasonable period of time, because the bucket-wheel excavator is an important production machine for EMO. We succeeded. Partly because of the excellent collaboration between all involved parties, this project proved a great success for both EMO and Van der Ende.

During the major overhaul, we had one serious rival:the weather. This was a factor that we could do nothing about, meaning we had to work innovatively. By taking a smart approach to our work: by pre-treating when the weather was poor and painting when the weather was dry, we remained within the strict time frame. Even during the extremely poor weather in September. EMO is extremely satisfied and looks back at flexible and prompt cooperation with no safety-related incidents.

We are proud of our team who performed the major overhaul and who once again performed incredibly.