Conserveren NS Station Lelystad

NS station Lelystad

  • ProRail
  • 25/10/2004

NS station Lelystad

Since June 2004, work has been carried out to preserve the roof of the platform at the train station in Lelystad on behalf of Prorail. In 80 days, this station will undergo a major renovation, where the construction will be finished in various striking colours. To access the construction, which is mostly above the railway line, scaffolding has been erected over a large part of the platform by Mobuco Steigers B.V. from Vlaardingen.

The trains to and from the station at Lelystad will not be disrupted during this project. Of course, every measure will be taken to ensure that travellers experience as little disruption as possible from the work.

The force and pride of our organization. The painters who enthusiastically paint the platform construction.