Long-term protection for Admiraliteitsbrug in Rotterdam

After having been commissioned to do so by the consulting engineers of the Municipality of Rotterdam, we have made a start with the preservation work that is to be carried out on the Admiraliteitsbrug. The existing paint system on this bridge, which is located in the heart of Rotterdam, is being removed in its entirety by means of gritblasting, after which a combined thermally sprayed zinc/aluminium layer and a conventional paint system will be applied. This combination ensures the long-term preservation of the structure and will keep future maintenance costs to a minimum.

The location of the bridge presents significant practical challenges. The options for preventing traffic from using the bridge are extremely limited, for instance. The nuisance caused to households located in the vicinity of the bridge must also be kept to a minimum.

At present, the bridge is completely obscured from view by the protective structure, but within a matter of weeks the bridge can once again be admired in all its glory.