Successful start to the Rijnbrug

Following months of intensive preparatory work, the weekend of 25/26 March saw a tremendous achievement on the part of more than 50 specialists from our subcontractors Harsco Infra Structure and Qumey Metaal B.V.

With the bridge out of action for 52 hours, during which period the bridge and both tracks were fully at our disposal,

more than 180 tons of scaffolding were erected in six shifts. In addition to this, 360 metres of diamond plates were removed. Once the supporting structure has had the rust removed and been preserved, the diamond plates will be replaced by floor grilles.

For the purposes of carrying out the preservation work, the arch bridge will be fitted with scaffolding and shrink wrap in stages.

Within this hermetically sealed workspace, a vacuum will be created with the aid of extraction equipment. Van der Ende will then sandblast the entire arch bridge, which is coated in lead-based paint, and provide it with a new 3-coat paint system.

The work will be completed at the end of October.