Van der Ende first conservationist on the CO2 performance ladder

Van der Ende wants to realize its projects in a sustainable manner. ProRail’s initiative of rewarding companies that consider sustainability of paramount importance, appealed to us enormously. By means of a certificate in line with the CO2 performance ladder, companies can demonstrate that they understand the Carbon Footprint and that they take measures to reduce this. The higher the level on the ladder, the more effort the company has to put in. This however, again translates into a greater advantage in the awarding of work.

In January 2011, a start was made on the adjustment of the management system and the gathering of information about our own Carbon Footprint. All this is incorporated into a portfolio that was presented to the certifying authority for assessment. After verification of the portfolio and the final audit at our office on March 16, 2011, we were the first metal conservationist to receive a certificate on level 3 of the ladder.

We see this certificate as a first step. The objective is to attain the highest rung (Level 5) before the end of this year. This means that in the coming period we will be examining how CO2 emissions can be further reduced.