Van der Ende invests in a better invironment

After successful testing in 2002 in cooperation with Nerefco Europoort, Van der Ende B.V. purchased two vertical dust-free gritblasting machines in the last quarter of 2002. By doing so, we became the first and only Dutch metal preserving company to use this technique.

The installation has a self-driven rigging system, so that the unit requires little effort to operate. The rigging system can be altered, so that the machines can be used in a number of different situations. For example, floating roof tanks can be gritblasted both internally and externally in this way. The outside of tanks with a fixed cover can also be treated in this way.

The used grit is recycled so that the quantity of waste is reduced by approximately 90%. With this investment, Van der Ende hopes to contribute to limiting the damage done to the environment.