Van der Ende now even greener

On 10 March it was possible for Richard Dräer, who is responsible for such matters as Van der Ende’s QHSE (quality, health & safety and environment) policy, to receive the keys to the first electric car within the company, an Opel Ampera. Putting this vehicle into service brings the company one step closer to fulfilling the objectives in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions. The car emits just 27 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

To accompany the delivery of the new car,

two charging stations for electric cars were also put into operation at the office. These charging stations are supplied with power generated by means of wind energy, one of the cleanest sources of energy around at present. Visitors to Van der Ende can use the charging stations to recharge their electric vehicles for free. This enables us to contribute towards a better environment even beyond our company’s boundaries.

Asked why the Ampera was selected, Richard had the following to say:

“When I started looking for another car, it was clear that it would have to be a car that ties in with our vision in terms of sustainability. After considering a variety of alternatives, I ended up going for the Ampera. A car that’s not only rated highly in terms of emissions but that also provides a great driving experience and, as far as I’m concerned, looks great. And that’s far from being insignificant to me because I’m something of a petrolhead.

Being responsible for the QHSE policy, I like the fact that I’m able to set a good example by using this car. A secondary benefit is the fact that this car isn’t subject to tax liabilities. Thus there’s even more reward for taking good care of the environment.”