Our story


Steel is one of the strongest and most durable building materials. But those positive, almost untouchable characteristics have one threat: corrosion.

Van der Ende is one of the largest Dutch specialists in the protection of steel against corrosion. The company was founded in 1929 and is one of the last family companies in this specialised sector. Van der Ende has been maintaining and protecting any imaginable steel constructions for three generations.  

Three principles

Three principles are essential for Van der Ende: working hard and efficiently, striving for perfection and constant focus on innovation. Whereas our company was mainly active on the big shipping yards until the 1970s, in the decades thereafter we increasingly specialised in industrial and structural projects. From huge storage tanks to complex installations in the process industry, from dams to railway and road bridges: Van der Ende protects steel against corrosion.

“We love steel. For three generations Van Der Ende has maintained and protected this versatile construction material.”

Quality and speed guaranteed

Our profession has developed considerably in the past 25 years, in particular the preparation methods. Coatings and derived products provide many more possibilities with their new properties. Objects become larger, storage capacity, pipes and traffic networks are used more intensively. End users demand that the maintenance work hinders traffic and/or production processes as little as possible. Planning and inventiveness are of essential importance to limit the maintenance costs and shorten the duration of the project. Project management by the contractor becomes increasingly important in maintenance. Van der Ende excels here too. A lot of knowledge and experience is necessary to guarantee quality and speed. And Van der Ende offers all that.

A tight-knit and expert team

Our employees follow intensive training programmes and develop new technical solutions for our clients together with suppliers. We are always ready for our clients, but also for each other. Because we are a tight-knit team equipped with the best quality tools.

In charge of complex maintenance projects

Our company’s role has not been limited to the protection of steel alone. Complex maintenance projects, with various integrated disciplines form an important part of our portfolio. We are the end responsible for the execution of the contract. Environmental management is an increasingly more requested speciality. We then provide alternative traffic flows and apply for the required permits.




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“A short lead time, high level finishing, the best protection and a transparent and smooth process. These are our criteria for success.”



Safety is a basic condition in the execution of projects. That is why a Higher Safety Officer leads our health and safety department. NACE-certified quality inspectors and safety inspectors (MVK) are an integral part of the project teams.

Long-term relationships

At Van der Ende we have long-term professional relationships with our employees, which is an important investment for us, and we have been working with many clients for decades. We can also provide excellent complex maintenance programmes because we know the interests of our clients through and through.

The bar is set high

We are constantly looking for new products and techniques with added value for the client and less impact on humanity and the environment. Van der Ende has already distinguished itself in the past with dust-free blasting of vertical and horizontal surfaces, mobile grit recycling installations, spray jet techniques and insulating coatings. We set the bar very high: a turnaround as short as possible, optimal protection and a transparent and smooth process without incidents. Those are our quality criteria.

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