Renovation of Amsterdam CS intensive and on track

We have already touched on it, one of our showpieces: the intensive renovation of the historic central station building in Amsterdam. 80,000 m² preservation. Access has been gained to the roof of the South Hall with a mobile scaffold tower. The roof was totally shielded, so that travellers and the trains parked below the roof weren’t inconvenienced. An impressive sight.

A beautiful result for the South Hall!

Some sections of the station’s South Hall have already been completed and the result is beautiful! When you look upwards, you can see the difference: fresh, newly painted roof sections, next to black, blistered steel sections. The renovation of the South Hall will continue until mid 2017. In January, we will start to preserve the steel and woodwork in the North Hall. Following the intensive refurbishment of the wood and steel in both halls, 50,000 m² of bird netting will also be replaced.

Travellers not inconvenienced by the renovation

Every day around sixteen painters work very intensively. All steel and wooden structures throughout the central station are being tackled. Because the working area is well protected, the enormous numbers of travellers who use Amsterdam CS every day aren’t at all inconvenienced by the work. A fine job again!

The central station will have been completed by mid-2018, with paintwork which will last for another 20 years.