Revolutionary Auxiliary Constructions For Oosterscheldekering

When it comes to major maintenance of protection systems, it is mostly about grit blasting and application of paint systems. However, there is often much more to it. Consider for example the major maintenance project on the Oosterscheldekering. The actual maintenance work is preceded by an enormous amount of preparatory work.

In twelve months’ time, several revolutionary auxiliary constructions have been designed and built. These must be able to withstand the heaviest storms and associated wave forces in the North Sea. They must be completely dust-proof and insulated so that we can carry out maintenance on sluice gates and pillars more efficiently and safely.

All details have been covered. A modular construction, so that we can apply the construction to all different sizes and pillars. All the necessary safety devices to mount the modules safely above the swirling water. Last week, the parts of the auxiliary construction were transported to the Oosterscheldekering. With that, we have reached a new milestone in this special project. The delivery will take place in 2035.