In early January Van der Ende received a major order from Rijkswaterstaat for the conservation of two bridges in south Limburg. We will provide a new conservation system to the Arch Bridge in Beek and the Scharberg Bridge in Elsloo in the next two years.

The surface of the two bridges amounts to over 60 000 m2. We blast the surface to purity grade Sa2½, then we apply a durable paint system with an expected life span of twenty years. The completion of the work will take place at the end of 2015.

For the procurement of this project, Rijkswaterstaat made use of a so-called EMVI contract, where in addition to the price the approach also determines who finally gets the assignment. Our approach to minimising nuisance, securing the planning and limiting the CO2 emissions, as described in the plan of approach finally was the decisive factor in awarding this job to our organisation. Acquiring this order fits our ambition of significantly increasing our activities in the infrastructure sector over the next years.