Developing into men of steel

  • Van der Ende
  • 12/04/2016

Developing into men of steel

Van der Ende is in constant movement, literally and figuratively. We always try to stay one step ahead by listening to our customers, by responding to market developments and by training to continue to deliver quality. This may all sound very logical and part of the business; it is also standard practice for us. You just need the right men for it. And luckily Van der Ende can provide these.

Delivering Quality

We train with precision, testing and training men at the Van der Ende training centre: men of steel, our very own steel protectors. These are men who want to develop, who want to specialise and who want to make the most of their skills and products. We invest in our employees and in promising new staff with the goal of developing and delivering quality. Time after time. For our customers and for the future.


An important Van der Ende training centre practice location can be found in IJmuiden. Various large steel test constructions are assembled there. And this is where the physical training starts. If you would like to see how they become men of steel take look in Van der Ende’s steel kitchen.