Jotun certifies the Van der Ende fireproofing team

When a high-tech PFP pump is purchased, the operators must also have the proper certification. In October, the Van der Ende fireproofing team underwent an extensive training exercise in applying Jotachar products at Jotun. During the training exercise, the fireproofing specialist from Jotun gave an explanation about the products and their uses.

After the training, the team were able to prove that they were able to apply the Jotachar fireproofing correctly to various test pieces. They did this by applying the fireproofing both by hand and using the PFP pump. The assessment of the test pieces revealed excellent workmanship by our enthusiastic team. All participants received a Jotachar certificate. Van der Ende is the first company, certified by Jotun, to apply this innovative fireproofing.

We are currently certified to apply the coatings of Carboline, International Paint (Chartec), Jotun (Jotachar), PPG (PITT-CHAR) and Hempel (Hempacore).