About 30 years after the opening of the Oosterscheldekering, we are currently starting the renovation of the last 32 of a total of 62 locks . The locks are fully grit blasted and repainted. At the same time, we are also fixing the defects in the preservation of the other 30 gates. This enormous job takes no less than 8 years. During this time, the flood defense obviously must continue to work at all times.

A race against the storm
Loads of work is being done to recoat the 4 sliders of the Oosterscheldekering, which are scheduled to finish this year. 2 locks are already completely finished and before October 1st the other 2 locks, performed by GSB and Van der Ende, will be ready too. Starting October, the storm season  takes off and all the locks have to be ready to turn the high water.