The maintenance of the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier is awarded to the OSK Preservation Group BV, a joint venture between Van der Ende Infrastructure BV. and GSB Services BV. We are proud of it! Currently, the project team is being created. Last Thursday, a giant drying hold was placed around one of the gauge stations in the Eastern Scheldt. These measuring systems provide vital information for the warning systems of the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier. The decision on possible closures must always be operational.

The gauge stations with a diameter of 3.30 metres must be enclosed by a drying hold with a diameter of 5.20 metres. After the water is pumped out of the drying hold, the coating is completely removed by sand blasting up to two metres below the low water mark (NAP -3.00 m). Then the gauge stations are provided with a new paint system. Our partner GSB Services BV performs the tasks commissioned by OSK Conservation Group BV.

Placing the drying hold of the first gauge station was perfect. In approx. six weeks the drying hold is transported to the North Sea inner harbour. The second gauge station is carried out in the same way.