Oiltanking Terneuzen in the finishing coat phase

The newly constructed storage tanks at Oiltanking in Terneuzen are getting a touch of colour, as the grey of the shop primer is making way for a fresh white. Now that the tanks and cups are almost finished on the inside, the progress of the work is also starting to become visible on the outside of the tanks.

In recent months, a large group of painters have been working hard at preserving the bottoms and the cups of the 10 newly constructed tanks. The bottom and part of the wall of each of the tanks have been fitted with a tank lining by Hempel. Thanks to the close collaboration between Hempel’s technicians and our painters,

the work is of an extremely high standard. Whenever the tank bottoms are tested for pinholes, the outcome always reveals an extremely low number of ruptures. Even the QC inspectors contracted in by Oiltanking say that the numbers are exceptionally low, which is a big compliment for our work!

The other parts of the tanks (outer walls, cup walls and roof) are also being fitted with a Hempel coating system.

This has proved to be a good choice, as we are extremely satisfied about our first large-scale project with this Danish paint manufacturer.

To ensure the project is completed on time, the work is being carried out in shifts, six days a week. The work is on schedule, despite the bad weather at the start of the project.