Major maintenance work of the Wilhelminabrug in full swing!

In February 2016, the consortium Van der Ende Infrastructure and Edilon Sedra Contracting were selected through the Directorate-General of Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) by means of a Best Value Procurement (BVP) tender for the major maintenance work on the Wilhelminabrug in Deventer. This extensive project, with a tight schedule, is now in full swing!

What we are maintaining

We commenced the maintenance activities in June. One of the main project goals, in addition to good workmanship, is to limit the disruption to the surrounding area.

The maintenance activities are now in full swing and involves various crucial phases to limit the potential disruption. Step-by-step we are replacing the asphalt and some sections of the road surface will be completely replaced. The expansion joints will also be replaced and we will be overhauling the iron guardrails. We will also be repairing approximately 1,000 rivets and the concrete, and we will replace the entire coating system over a surface area of approximately 25,000 m².

Unique and challenging: radiation in a movable, hermetic tent

A unique and challenging part of this unusual project is the radiation of the two principal beams (of the bridge). Each has a length of 200 metres above the carriageway. This radiation will take place in a hermetically enclosed and movable structure. An 18,000 m³/hour underpressure prevents dust emissions from leaving the structure. The touching up work on the steel arch bridge has meanwhile been completed.

Work platforms

The work platforms have now been assembled. Both the spans and the main span have their own work platforms for the grit blasting and one for preservation. These platforms are organised to work consecutively.