Commissioned for the renovation of the platform roofing at Tilburg station

ProRail awarded the tender for the complicated renovation of the platform roof of Tilburg station to Van der Ende. As well as the price, the evaluation of the plan of action was the overriding reason for the tender being awarded to Van der Ende.

In the plan of action, the candidates had to explain how they would paint the platform roof within the available period of time. The key elements of this wereto minimise the disruption for the users of the station and to ensure the complete safety of users, operating and passing trains. In addition, candidates would have to ensure access could still be gained to the areas to be preserved, taking into consideration the limited load capacity of the platforms.

Ultimately, Van der Ende’s plan of action, which entailed an ingenious and well thought-out plan for the scaffolding, was found to be the only one to meet ProRail’s stringent requirements.

The preservation work, which involved blasting part of the steel construction and painting more than 14,000 m2 of steel and wood of the platform roof, will commence in mid-July 2017. The windows of the roof glazing will be replaced at the same time. The total value of the work is € 3.1 million excl. VAT.

Completion of the work is planned in November 2018. The station will remain fully operational whilst the work is taking place. There will continue to be good access to the shops and food service establishments located in the station.