Steady progress being made with the painting of the railway platform roofs at Amsterdam Central Station

South Roof almost complete

With great commitment, a 20-strong team of painters is working non-stop on the impressive roof construction of Amsterdam Central Station. The work is progressing steadily; in a few weeks this painting work on the South Roof of the station will be complete. By then, the more than 40,000 m2 of steel and wood which make up the roof will have been completely covered with a new triple-layer paint system by PPG. The listed roof has regained its beauty, plus it will now be protected for many years against corrosion and wood rot. Once the painting has been completed, the final job is to fit the new bird nets; this work will commence in August.

North Roof started

In February of this year, we also started work on the North Roof of the station. A new paint system will also be applied to the entire steel structure of this roof, plus the wooden roof boarding.

Safety first

A major part of the work is performed above the platforms, used by around 250,000 people every day.Our highest priority is to ensure the safety of these people and to avoid any inconvenience. The team responsible for performing the work responded perfectly to these requirements, to the full satisfaction of both the public and the client.