Van der Ende wins EMO Contractor Safety Award on safety

Major servicing to EMO’s bucket wheel excavator Kombi 4 has finished! This was a challenging project especially considering the time schedule, safety, cooperation and weather conditions. As many as nine contractors worked side by side, day and night. A huge amount of energy went into ensuring that everybody worked together safely.

Safety essential

Safety always comes first and is key in Van der Ende projects. But it was even more important on this project. As so many people were involved in the major servicing of the imposing bucket wheel excavator and as safety was so essential, EMO attached a Contract Safety Award to the project. All contractors were assessed according to:
•    Health, safety and environment plans
•    Work site inspections by supervisors and management
•    Reports from the field
•    Timeliness of documentation

All scores were reported weekly so that performance remained transparent. After a promising start Van der Ende stayed on top. The result is something to be proud of: just one person had to stay home for a day because he had grit in his eye. Nobody else was injured. A great achievement considering the number of employees involved.

We performed well during our first EMO assignment, which is why we are very proud to have received the Contractor Safety Award and a certificate of good practice from EMO. A big thank you to everyone involved for the safe and very pleasant cooperation!