spoorbrug zaltbommel ende

Zaltbommel railway bridge

  • ProRail
  • 42,000
  • January 2004 - January 2007
prorail coating ende

Removing the flint coating

One of the longest and oldest riveted railway bridges in the Netherlands (with a length of 1.2 km). In the 1960’s it was provided with a so-called flint coating, which is a fairly hard tar-like coating, sometimes up to a centimetre thick.

prorail zaltbommel brug

Providing bridge with a 3-layer coating system

The bottom side consists of approximately 42,000 m2 of steel. Of this, about 12,000 m2 was provided with flint coating. This coating was removed by means of high pressure water (2,000 bars). After this, the 42,000 m2 of steel was further derusted, roughened and then provided with a 3-layer coating system.

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Fast delivery

The project was completed 1½ years earlier.

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