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The strength of steel

Steel is an exceptionally strong, versatile and commonly used construction material for a wide variety of objects. In some cases, those objects are located in an area where there is a high risk of fire. During a fire, the temperature can very rapidly increase to very high levels, such that there is a risk that the steel will lose its strength. And then the structure can collapse. The heat can also result in extreme pressures occurring in closed parts (such as in vessels), which can result in explosions. It is therefore essential to protect the steel against fire and heat. This protection can be applied in various ways: by applying plate material, mortar admixtures or special coatings. Through its many configuration options, the fully computerised pump will ensure the optimal treatment of PFP coatings on steel.

Why fireproofing coatings?

As a preserver of steel, we choose to apply so-called passive fireproofing coatings. As well as excellent protection against heat, these coatings also offer protection against corrosion (in contrast to the other methods). Furthermore, they have a very long lifespan.

We are currently certified to apply the coatings of Carboline, International Paint (Chartec), Jotun (Jotachar), PPG (PITT-CHAR) and Hempel (Hempacore).

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